Lingua Franka

Just today, a photographer friend from an internet forum contacted me and said that he kind of likes my blog. The thing is that he told me in English. That made me think…

Should I change my blog language to English? Would it be a good idea to swap between the languages depending on the nature and aim of the article? Or do I leave it to the notorious Google Translator to put my texts into the English tongue. Heaven help!

I’m pretty comfortable with English, so I could write everything in this language in order to be better understood internationally. Once, a Leica expert even recommended me to change the blog language, because that would increase my reach considerably – and make things more interesting for cooperating companies. But do I want that?

What I cannot do is make my articles available in both languages, English and German. I hardly have the time to maintain this blog properly in one. So, this won’t happen. But would it be a good idea to write sometimes in Enghlish and other times in German? Wouldn’t that confuse and perhaps even disappoint some regular readers?

What a tricky question!

Well, I guess I ask you. If you are interested in, please take a minute and vote: >> Doodle <<

Thank you.